Best Solution for Driver Error Code 48

Published: 16th August 2010
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A driver error code 48 in windows xp and 2000 usually refers to the PC not being able to run a device properly. This can be the result of many reasons including major crashes, payware, corrupted drivers, updating your devices with improper drivers or corrupted drivers, etc. Regardless of this, you need to fix driver error code 48s for all your devices or your PC performance will suffer... A LOT. If you are a gamer, you will see a dramatic drop in your FPS (frames per second), slow load times, or overheating etc. Either the device does not work at all or it will work but not function correctly and cause permanent hardware damage if left unfixed. Here is a quick way to fix driver error code 48s if you do not have a backup cd, or restore cd or you can not get your manufacturer's official drivers at the moment.

Go to device manager by right clicking on your "my computer" icon.

Go to properties.

Go to device manager.

Find the device with the small yellow flag (driver error code 48) next to the devices. Now right click on it and go to properties.

Go to the drivers tab.

Now press the "Roll back Driver" button.

Windows will use the last properly working driver for the device. The flag will be gone and the device should work properly now. A word of warning, this is only a temporary fix in my opinion. You should go the manufacturers site of the device and update the device with official drivers or obtain the recovery CD.

So, to get the Driver error driver error code 48 100% fixed, you will need to have a cleaner program called Driver error driver error code 48 fixer. Once you've got that, you simply start a scan on your computer and you select the files that you want to repair.

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